The Power of the Silver Screen

Just came back froma move called “Waltz with Bashir” by Ari Folman about his experiences during the First Lebanon war, and his attempts to come to terms with his inability to remember exactly what happened there, especially at Sabra and Shatilla.

The most impressive thing I felt in this movie was the power of the visual imagery ,and especially the way he uses the animation meshed in with the bits of real documentary footage. It was absolutely amazing. And in addition,he uses all kinds of different music in the soundtrack, from classical to heavy rock.It all works perfectly. The problems of combat soldiers having to deal with trauma and repressed memories have been dealt with many times in the movies, but for me this was a really hard-hitting ,gut wrenching experience, and the unease we feel when we see beautiful scenery in the midst of carnage really conjures up the feelings which young soldiers had to cope with.The dialogue is so typically Israeli too,and the gallery of comrades he presents  us with really rings true too. And then suddenly we see Ron Ben Ishai the Army Radio war correspondent, and Arik Sharon and Begin himself.It was absolutely brilliantly done!

Highly recommended,but not easy to watch in parts…

The Cheesecake Festival

Had a nice Shavuot- went to dinner at our Rehovot relatives. Fantastic food and really nice atmosphere.We also had friends over for dinner at the weekend.We made too much food but that was ok, now we have a full fridge for the rest of the week.
Last night we went to see “Before the devil knows you’re dead”.Not a particularly pleasant movie, but definitely well-produced and acted. More food for thought than I originally thought, and Philip Seymour Hoffman was outstanding as the evil brother.
Found some great videos on Eflclassroom.2.0 and so I will put a few on here now and again.