It’s that time of year again

Ok so this is going to be another of those frustrating non-blogs where I have very little to report.The thing is,having put in my early retirement application and had no answer back yet I am still in limbo. Are we moving to the central area? Who knows.Are we going to China as planned? I bloody well hope so. I have signed the contract (although apparently that doesn’t mean a whole lot) and started all the paperwork.I have been in constant touch with the wonderful folks on Raoul’s (and that means you Becky,and you Barry and Renee!) and I wish I could say we were sitting on our suitcases right now.

Meanwhile… I have found a lot of websites for teaching EFL online,some of which look pretty promising. I have started working on the following: edufire,languagespirit,englishcafe and myenglishclub. However, Myngle want to interview me again and that will be this week.The other weird Irish one,ebamma put me off a bit as they wanted me to commit to a minimum number of hours a week,which I don’t really want to do right now.I think there are a whole bunch more of those things out there but have not investigated them yet.

Next week is ETAI conference which is always fun,as I will catch up with old friends, and MAYBE it will be my last conference…who knows.

On a personal note, it has been fun going to various things such as the new Jane Eyre movie (excellent) and the Festival of Lights  downtown (okay) and next month we are going to Paul Simon,which hopefully will be wonderful.Might go to some stuff at the Jerusalem Film Festival also. Have got more into the swing of twitter,although I am still something of a sporadic user. Linkedin looks to me to be on the whole far more useful for professional contacts and such.

I will leave you with some pictures from the Festival which are fairly crappy as they are only from my lousy Nokia.


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Trying to figure out all this widget stuff.Not sure I get it.Seems to me a little bit like the twitter thing.I can handle it now when I am not working,but how do people have time for all this stuff when they have to work?? beats me…

Help! where has my profile gone? I wrote a profile under the heading “About” with a picture and everything, and it seems to have disappeared, been swallowed up into the big blog in the sky .I am confused…