About me

I am an Ex Brit,based in Jerusalem but now living in China , and recently retired from teaching High School English as a Foreign Language.In China I teach University College English.

I love my life, (my home ,my family) but my current dream (apart from more traveling, my continual obsession) is to spend a year or so living and teaching in China. Having come back from a fabulous trip there, I think that it would be a great experience, and the Chinese people are so open and friendly, and desperately in need of English teachers.

Hopefully I can take early retirement soon and fulfill my dream…

Update: Dream coming true! Taken early retirement we are off to teach in Hangzhou,China for a year.

Great Wall

Update 2-finished our first year of teaching in Lin’an and back at home in Israel relaxing with family and friends.Part 2 of China coming up.

Stay tuned…..

UPDATE January 2015

So apparently we are returning to Xiamen for another year. We seem to have got the China bug rather badly and after weighing up various things another year of craziness in Jimei sounded pretty tempting.

We are supposed to be there by March 2015 paperwork permitting…


After two amazing years teaching in Xiamen University of Technology we are back home.Not sure where we will go next-maybe back to China, maybe to another part of the world-Costa Rica,Mexico,Ecuador. The world is our oyster.

Stay tuned….

Here is a selection of travel articles I have written on my travels in China and South East Asia:

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Outside my front door

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30 thoughts on “About me

    • Dear Daniel
      Thanks for the compliment! I really don’t think that I can write for your blog as I only travel about twice a year.And I am hoping to be working in China next year and I don’t know how things will be over there yet.
      Thanks again,I will check out the travel blog.

  1. Do visit the Xi XI Wetlands National Park near Hangzhou if you get the time and enjoy a great day out there. We stopped here off the highway for the total solar eclipse in 2009 and also visit the Tidal Bore nearby.

  2. I feel your excitement when you live with Chinese people. I hope you have great time there. Maybe you were not familiar with Chinese food at first but gradually you may becomed addicted to them:) I just guess. Best regards,

  3. Dear Ruth,
    I am happy to see your lovely photos. You seem really happy and enjoy every minute of it my friend.Maybe one day I will visit china and see the amazing places. Best wishes.

  4. Hi Erica!
    I have also only been here since September and you are right the language is really really difficult. I now have a student who is helping me in exchange for english conversation but it is really a struggle and I thought it would be a piece of cake since I already know 4 languages lol.Anyway thanks for your comments!

  5. Hi Ruth, read your blog from beginning to end and it was and is fascinating. Thanks for sharing. Saw the link on ETNI list. Sounds great and really does give me food for thought. Barry

  6. Hey Ruthi, I love your blog also. It is great to see your dream coming true!!! I haven’t made it to China yet, but I am really looking forward to it late this year I hope.

  7. Hi Ruthi! We are glad that you fulfilled your dreams, and now you can teach in China! It must be a fascinating experience, we also would like to travel around China once. In the meanwhile we will keep on coming to your back to read your stories!

  8. Hi Ruth,
    I have enjoyed reading about your adventures in China.
    My husband and I (both Australian) would love to teach in Xiamen. We had a great time teaching in Hangzhou in 2009 and are now ready to take another year off to try a different and warmer location. I would appreciate any advice about universities in Xiamen.

      • Hello Ruthi, don’t know whether this will reach you. We met you in San Cristobal de las Casas i Mexico just a little while ago. I hope, I am reaching the right person. I don’t have your email, but found you here. My email is: jurgen@mscflexone.co
        Please write if you are the right person.

      • Hello Jurgen,
        Yes of course you reached the right person. How nice to hear from you.
        I will email you later!
        Hope you liked my blog post.I will continue (and reach San Cristobal later) I hope you and Kathy are well and got home safely. Will be happy to be in touch.
        All the very best!.

  9. Hi Ruth,

    I’m currently in the application process with XMUT (I had my Skype interview yesterday) and am wondering a lot about life in Jimei/Xiamen. Your blog has already been a wealth of information — thank you for that! But I wonder if maybe you could send me an email to answer a couple other questions I have. Thanks!

    Trevor dot Caldwell AT gmail dot com

  10. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for the reply on LinkedIn. Looks like you’re having a great time.

    Yes, visiting the Tulou is on my list of things to do. I hope to see a lot of China and do some hiking. I have invitations from former students and others to come and visit them and their cities.

    Someone else mentioned that I should get an expat shield before I go. Is that the same thing as a VPN?

    Thanks, again.

    All the best,


    • I have never heard the term expat shield,Paul.
      Everyone I know gets a VPN-there are free ones but for a little money you can get a really good one that will always work and which has online support 24/7.
      Good luck and keep me updated on your job in Fujian.

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