Our new home- Leaving the Holy City

After returning from China rather hurriedly in March and returning to Israel, we have now relocated to a different part of the country-the Sharon. As the restless person you all know me to be, if I can’t currently globe-trot at least I can explore a different part of this country. Israel is very small but nevertheless, a very varied place, both culturally, geographically and in practically every way possible. We lived in the city of Jerusalem, and all that entails, for better or worse, for over 30 years. The birds have flown the nest, and we are now retired, so free to live anywhere we choose. Of course living by the seaside was something we both considered, particularly after living in Xiamen. But seaside residences in Herzliya or Tel Aviv are horrendously expensive. So we decided to try and find a community city within easy driving distance of Tel Aviv, and we found Kfar Saba to be a rather appealing small, clean town.It has lots of green spaces, lots of cultural activities, and generally seemed to be what we were looking for.It also has the added attraction of being only 15-20 minutes drive from several beaches, and it’s affordable.

After not a particularly long search we located a new 4 room apartment right in the centre of town, only a short walk from the Weizman, the main drag, and moved in here in August.

So far we have explored the area a little, but are still getting settled in.We have found the Argaman beach of South Netanya to be wonderfully convenient and not crowded. It is a quick 30 minute train ride to Tel Aviv and all its cultural offerings, and only an hour drive to Jerusalem.

There seem to be lots of bits of the Sharon to investigate. Some we have seen before, such as the amazing Roman city of Caesarea, and the Ramat Hanadiv park near to Zichron Ya’akov, which is well worth a visit. But there are lots more places we hope to explore over the next few months.


Wonderful sky at Netanya Argaman Beach

To the north it is about an hour’s drive to Haifa, along the Mediterranean coast, and the surrounding area of the Galilee is filled with wonderful places. On a past trip to the north,we visited the artists’ Village of Ein Hod, which has many amazing galleries, workshops and sculptures dotted around.

Sculpture at Ein Hod

Sculpture at Ein Hod

Interesting trees at Ramat Hanadiv

Interesting trees at Ramat Hanadiv


Interesting trees at Ramat Hanadiv Park

Kingfisher at Nahal Alexander in the Sharon

Kingfisher at Nahal Alexander in the Sharon

This is not to say that I am not planning another trip. Of course another trip abroad is always on the agenda. We toyed with going to teach in Panama, but it’s not the right time for us to be so far away from our family right now.Then we considered going to teach in Spain.But frankly the working conditions in China are really hard to beat, and European salaries come with no accommodation and no travel money or flight reimbursement.So we are considering a more “holiday-style” trip abroad, maybe to Canada first. That will not be before next May.And then we will see what happens …


12 thoughts on “Our new home- Leaving the Holy City

  1. All the very best for your new nest and may your home be peaceful and filled with joy and happiness always!¡! May you also get to travel and teach in the places far beyond your reach otherwise so you enjoy new places, people and their cultures.

    • It will be a real pleasure for us too, we loved your kind hospitality and your friendship across borders is always welcome and so are you and Danny along with Guy and Adam too!!! Next time come to teach in India!!!

  2. so glad that piglet has returned! i look forward to more posts as you explore your new neighbourhood. and then… canada!! what a wonderful place it is. especially now that the xenophobic divisive harper is 99% out of the door.

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