I’m back….time to go again!

I left China in a whirl two weeks before planned as my Dad was hospitalized back here in Israel.So the usual “return from China to civilization” feeling was more heightened.I didn’t expect to miss China so much.I thought I would be thrilled to be back with my family especially when Dad needed me.But after the initial whirlwind of getting Dad’s health situation stable and getting him a live-in caregiver,I feel in need of a dose of China again.I miss the food.I miss my friends.I miss the “alienness” of it.Here when I order something in a restaurant I know exactly what I will get.I am not mystified and bewildered.In short, Asia beckons.So all being well we will be off again back to China in February. I am happily following the Xiamen weather forecast.I am checking my departure time.I am organizing my documents.I must be a true travel addict,right?


I love Chinese babies

If all is well we will depart for our (possibly final) term in China from February to June. And in answer to all of you what comes next “The plan is we have no plan”.Of course depending on Dad,we may possibly do a final Asian trip in the summer – mooted destinations Laos,Burma,Tibet.Or we may head to Canada,or Australia,two burning destinations on my travel list.

The possibilities are endless,right?


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