Golden Week Taiwan 3 -the last leg

We got up at our little beach guest house and went next door to a fabulous place called Miami (Bossa Nova only opened at 11am too late for breakfast) and had lovely western style breakfast on the sea front.Much as I love Chinese food their breakfast sucks.

We then drove down along the coast and stopped at a few places where there were spectacular views of the coastline.We wanted to make it to the very tip of Taiwan and that was a bit farther than we thought. First stop was this very funny shaped rock,I don’t know its name but you can give it one yourself.


Funny shaped rock

There were busloads of Chinese tourists from the mainland everywhere taking photos of each other in funny poses,as they always do.

We continued down the coast to the Kenting National Park (did not go in as it is a long trek and it was really hot,plus we didn’t have enough time) and the Hengchun Peninsula. 

There is a long strip of restaurants and a night market here that we returned to later on.

We did go up to the park and lighthouse at the tip of the Peninsula which is called the Oluanpi Lightouse,located in a lovely park with a boardwalk along the ocean and a kind of forest walk all along,culminating in a lookout point called The Kissing Rocks.


Kissing Rocks


Beautiful coastline

We then drove back towards Kenting and decided we would like to stay another night at the same guest house.We stopped at another viewing point north of South Bay,called Maobitou,with more wonderful rock formations and then continued to a   beautiful bird sanctuary and lake.You couldn’t get close to the wildfowl but there was a massive viewing room with telescopes where you could watch the birds on the lake.From there we phoned the guest house lady to book to stay another night.This allowed us a leisurely drive back to South Bay and another relaxing evening on the sea front and dinner at Bossa Nova again.

The next morning was our last day with the rented car.We drove up the west coast of the peninsula,past some small fishing villages and the National Museum of Marine Biology,which is shaped like a fish.We only stopped at this village which was rather cute and very deserted.


Fishing village near to the National Marine Biology Museum (don’t know the name)

We then continued up north to Kaohsiung to return the car and then headed back to our hotel for our last day in Taiwan before we were due to fly back from Kaohsiung to Xiamen via Jinmen island.On our last day we took the 5 minute ferry over to a little island off the ocast at Kaohsiung which is called Cijin.We had heard good things about it and it really was a gem.It is a long thin island near the harbour with a mass of seafood and snack restaurants and fantastic sunsets over the sea.The place had a wonderful feel to it,lots of young people and couples wandering around and a little temple.There is also a lighthouse there but we didn’t manage to see it.



Cijin Sunset

Thus ended our trip to Taiwan.We are now back at XMUT and have various commitments for the upcoming days.We are of course back in class and we are due to judge a speaking competition today and tomorrow.Then I am giving a lecture on Israel (I am not sure to whom) and we have various plans for future weekend trips,and hopefully the fast train to Shenzhen will be running before the end of the year,opening up more possibilities.




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