Trotting back and forth-A Reflection

I use the word “Reflection” advisedly despite the fact that it may annoy some of my Israeli colleagues. Nevertheless it is the right word for today’s entry. Having come back to Israel from China to visit friends and family I find myself looking at my life and travels from a strange perspective.It is something on the lines of “Where do I belong?” “Where is my home?” and similar musings that frequently occupy travellers, nomads and expats. Defining myself as “British” or “Israeli” for example becomes increasingly more difficult as time goes on. answering the question “Where do you live?” also becomes problematic as we embark on our third year in China.

All this began by the remark of my best Jerusalem friend (you know who you are!) When I said that I am sitting on my suitcase in preparation for a return to China in 10 days’ time she remarked “Ruthie you have been sitting on your suitcase for a long time already!”  and of course that is really the truth. The little 2 and 3 week summer trips we did every year before China were just a quick fix that didn’t fix my travel bug.I thought that after a year in China I would be cured.But I was wrong. The longer we spend away the more difficult it becomes to settle into what most people see as a routine life.In fact the more I read other travel blogs the more I understand that today with the internet and all you don’t HAVE to stay put in one place.There are many who travel as a lifestyle choice and there are various jobs that allow you to do it.I have discovered a huge community of travel bloggers who do this for a living! They get sponsorships and they hop from one place to another semi-permanently. There are families travelling,there are thousands of EFL teachers who don’t have a fixed home.Of course this might not  appeal to everyone,but it’s something to think about.


My Jerusalem best buddy


Also when you come here temporarily you can be in and out at the same time.Involved and separate, a tourist and a resident.I can look at the people and the places with a more detached eye. I can see the city that used to be my home as I first saw it as a tourist and without the frustrations that I had started to feel before I left.

I can see beauty of places and not get uptight about being pushed in lines at the post office.I am transient, I am leaving soon.


Jerusalem Mural


11 thoughts on “Trotting back and forth-A Reflection

  1. ruth – this is so interesting. it seems you have found the right life-style for you. i hope you can continue it for many more years. i could never do it…..

  2. It’s funny Barry a few people have said that to me.Actually I didn’t have the “guts” to carry on with all the HOTS and everything.I really couldn’t do that any more.Now I feel free and unpressured.The best thing is that my husband felt the same.Of course I could never have done it alone.Fortunately he was prepared to go along with my craziness.

  3. What a wonderful attitude to life and the way a person views the world – both literally and metaphorically. You are so lucky that you and D are in it together every step of the way. That’s not always a given. Here’s to many more thousands of kilometers. Am waiting for the book btw…

  4. c’est une belle chose, une belle vie, un entre-deux où tu trouves manifestement ton plaisir, on ne peut qu’en être heureux avec toi.

  5. Shana Tova and best wishes for the third year. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!
    Reflection IS what blogging is about, so forget other connotations of the word around here!
    BTW – when was the last time you got pushed in line at the post office? I thought that sort of thing disappeared years ago, LOL!

  6. Thanks for that Naomi.It was really weird coming back here and have people morosely sitting in Kupat Holim and the Post Office and arguing about who was next.Maybe we just don’t understand what they are saying.And the constant talk of “The Attack” didn’t help.So yes we are happily off back to China next week.

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