Zipping around South Korea

This post will be a bit weird with no pictures as I am on a korean keyboard in the island of Jeju,South Korea.We have been in Korea for 10 days and it has been a blast.We started off in  Seoul of course,staying 2 days with a host family through were quite delightful and allowed us to leave our big suitcases at their place while we travel around,and we will return there before flying home via Hong Kong.They helped us get around,made us breakfast and supper and were generally charming. I even played guitar and sang SIlent NIght with Won,the guy. In Seoul we saw palaces,gardens,the student area of the University and many other wonders,and of course ate a lot.We then flew down here to Jeju island a very special place with a unique character and diverse culture.This was all explained to us by Dr.Anne Hilty,an American who lives here and has edited a book on the culture and people of Jeju.We  started off in Jeju city,where having discovered we can’t rent a car,we rented a car and driver who took us round the East side of the island,to visit among other things a Tubular Volcanic cave, Sunrise Peak and a Folk Village.The tour was six hours and we were deposited back at the hotel at 6pm thoroughly exhausted. Next day we got a bus down to Seogwipo on the south of the island (after the lunch with Anne Hilty) and discovered the beautiful south coast.Here there is a lovely sandy beach,lots of little islands which we saw on a cruise along the coast,and various kitschy holiday museums such as Ripley’s Believe it or Not,Teddy Bear,Chocolate and a Sex Museum,which we didn’t bother to visit.Tomorrow we fly to Busan and from there in a few days back to Seoul.I will add pictures when we get home,as I can’t navigate the Korean well enough!.More anon..


3 thoughts on “Zipping around South Korea

  1. What??? You haven’t mastered Korean yet? Disgraceful. Not going to let you into the country unless you can perform a complete rendition of Psy’s Gangnam Style plus dance moves. Silent Night just doesn’t do it for me. Especially not in the middle of summer.

  2. Hi Ruth and Danny: We’re glad your Servas experience was good. That’s typical from our experience. Thanks for sharing your adventures. “Ni hao” from Barry. Aloha, Renee

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