Winding up and heading out…

I have not blogged for a while, as I have been busy testing students for their final oral exam,and filling in grades and doing paperwork.We have now done everything and have just 2 more classes tomorrow in which I show the students a movie and say goodbye.

Also we seem to have started a sort of English Club at a nearby Cafe called the Green Cafe,owned by a Chinese Dude called,strangely enough Cohen. We started off by having a sort of meeting of Couchsurfing people from Jimei area who were all students of course.So we met at Green bar and Cohen gave us drinks for free and supplied a guitar.We wended up teaching them to sing “Two Chinese with a big violin” (Israeli silly song) which they translated into Chinese.It was pretty hilarious. Now every day the kids are asking me when we are coming back.We have been kind of busy but are in daily messaging contact with them and Cohen also helped me to find a dry cleaners’ Anyhow Green bar has become our local haunt and hopefully we will drop in there a lot next semester too.


The Orchestra

We have had a few fun outings recently-First we were invited to a (free) concert by the Xiamen something Orchestra to commemorate 30 years of International cooperation. There was a quartet from Germany (actually each player was indeed from another country) then the Chinese orchestra and for the finale all the musicians together. Works were by Brahms,Mozart,Gershwin and some Chinese composer.It was lovely and we enjoyed it immensely.The university took us from our apartment and returned us home afterwards. Then one day we went out for dinner with our friends Hamburger,Jenny,Bree to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday.We discovered that “KungFu Noodles” are noodles made next to your table with KungFu moves,and then the noodles are deposited in your soup.
All very exciting. This Sunday we will have a “See you Later” party in our apartment for Jen who is off to do her Masters Degree in Connecticut.It is sad to say goodbye to her,hence the choice of name “See You Later”.


Yesterday we went downtown to have coffee with a Chinese English teacher at XMUT called Laura.She lives on Xiamen Island with her French husband.Her English is wonderful and we had a very pleasant morning with her.We then went to the Seashine Department store to spend the 2000RMB that the school Labour Union kindly gave us  as a present.

On June 20th we fly to South Korea for a holiday,and then to Hong Kong for a few days before we fly home.The Servas lady who is hosting us in Seoul says we can leave our big suitcases with her,so that is wonderful


Cref’s Class -one of my favourites


Hanging out with Laura

Finally we had a terrible accident here in XIamen last week when a BRT bus exploded,it is not yet clear whether this was indeed caused by some guy committing suicide,or whether it was a police coverup of a safety accident,as some Chinese netizens are claiming.  Whichever,,it was a horrible accident in which 47 people were killed,many of them students returning home after the national GaoKao examination. Don’t want to dwell on that,as these terrible things happen everywhere,as was proved today after everyone had self righteously rolled their eyes at the baby discovered in the toilet pipe.Today Sky News published that a 24 year old mother in Birmingham threw her 5 days old  kid down a garbage shute and caused skull fracture and brain damage.

But I digress.this is not my usual blog-style -SORRY!

Stay tuned for South Korea….


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