Countdown to the end of the semester

Officially it’s 6 weeks to the end of the semester but this week we got a mail saying that week 16 there are no classes because of Dragon Boat Festival and nobody seems to know anything about makeup classes,therefore we need to make sure that all our students have been tested and grades have been done and paperwork filled in by end of 15th week ie 7th June.Since we only see the students once every 2 weeks that doesn’t give us much time,right?

So we are now busily testing students orally in each class and chasing up students who are missing (I have one in hospital with a broken leg) and starting to fill in grades.

This means that effectively by 14th June we are done here and can travel! Yippee!

At the moment our plan is to go to South Korea for 3 weeks then fly back to Hong Kong and on to Israel on July 16th.What to do with all of our stuff? Well since we are assuming all will be well and we can come back here next semester,we can leave stuff in our apartment. Do we need to take stuff home for the summer? Not really…but maybe we should take some stuff just in case “something happens” and we don’t make it back? All very difficult as we do NOT want to schlepp all our stuff halfway across Asia. We were contemplating going to Korea by way of Taiwan but then we can always visit Taiwan next year as we are staying in Xiamen.

We have also joined an organization called “Servas” ( at our friends’ Renee and Barry’s recommendation.This organization is a hosting and friendship travel group,kind of like an adult’s version of couchsurfing, ( with groups all over the world.We have already contacted some people in Seoul whom we hope to stay with there.The idea is not just to get a free place to crash,but to foster world trust,understanding and cross cultural meetings.It sounds pretty cool anyway.

Stay posted for our developing travel plans!


At KTV with Hamburger,Jennifer,Jen and Brie




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