The Challenging Side of China-a rather Gastric week

Sorry this title is a bit off-putting.And there aren’t going to be any wonderful glossy National Geographic type pictures this week.That’s because today is a “bad China ” Day. I appear to have Gastroenteritits. Two weeks ago  I had a nasty tummy bug.I took antibiotics (purchased over the counter) as I had done last year in Lin’an. And was fine for 2 weeks except I got a cold.Then this week it came back with a vengeance.Felt dreadful.Discovered a bunch of other people in our block also felt pretty off colour.Renee and Barry came down for the weekend and Barry was also stricken with the dreaded tummy bug,which rather dampened our enthusiasm.I went out with Renee and showed her a bit of Jimei which was great.But felt bad for Barry that he couldn’t come,and D stayed home with him to keep him company.

The next day he felt a bit better so we went off to Gulangyu island,and it being a Saturday the island was crowded to bursting point,very different to our experience the previous times we have been there.I think they still had a good time,but I found it a bit disappointing.Then Renee and Barry returned to Shanghai on the Sunday morning fast train,Barry feelng much better.And on Monday night I was felled by this terrible bug.I am sure you can appreciate that when you get sick the last thing you want is to be in some foreign land without home comforts and doctors who understand you.In addition,D had a weird burning sensation on his leg making it hard for him to walk.So this morning,Friday,instead of having a day off we took a taxi to the Taiwanese hotel in Haicang that we have visited before.3 hours later we headed home each with a collection of pharmaceuticals to take for our various ailments.Tomorrow should be a Saturday but due to the May 1st weekend we have to work Saturday and Sunday to make up for having off Monday and Tuesday.! Crazy,right/ Well this is China.At least we are over half way through the semester.And if my calculations are right by June 13 we will be done with teaching and paperwork and we can head off into the sunset to …hmmm,South Korea? Japan? Taiwan? Xinjiang? Yunnan? WE just don’t know yet.We have a month before our flight home July so we shall be going somewhere.Assuming my innards are okay of course!



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