Life is Just like a Merrygoround-with all the fun of the China

We got back from Israel less than a month ago and so much has already happened. Now we have increased the Israeli population of XIamen by more than 100 % since our friends Shimon and ALiza from Jerusalem and Bernard from Modi’in are now working here too..Aliza is at our Uni and Bernard is at the prestigious Xiamen University which so far are not really treating him that well, We had a great time in Israel but it’s good to be back in Xiamen.We love the city and have already had a great walk in a park called Xianyue park where we climbed to the top and saw a lovely temple.There was also a huge complex that looked like a traditional temple but we think was actually a new luxury housing complexWork is fine and the students are as lovely as before.But all kinds of weird stuff is going down in the department since just before we left the head of the English and the vice dean both left so there is a new Vice dean and so far no new Head of Department. Rumours are flying and also everyone is speculating about what will happen next semester. A couple of people got asked to stay on next year,a couple of people said they don’t intend to stay and we didn’t get asked. When we spoke to the Secretary of the Foreign Affairs department she suggested we look around elsewhere although nobody seems to know why that would be the case. Anyway,in other news we went out to a new Pizza place and foreign restaurant called Helen’s with our friends Hamburger,Jenny,Bernard and Jennifer and that was great.


We plan to go to visit Taiwan at some point and Wuyi Mountain a scenic place in the north of Fujian Province.Jennifer said she would love to go with us. Not much else is new,same routine with every day being an adventure here as before. We feel pretty comfortable here and would be happy to stay but we could also move elsewhere.Either way things are good.



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