A great New Year’s Eve 2013 and a terrible New Year’s night

We arranged to meet some friends-Ivy,Hamburger and some people from couchsurfing Xiamen in a bar called Havana in Haiwan Park for New Year’s Eve. They have drinks and Latin style food and a live band playing Latin Music so we were set for a great night out. As I thought it would be a pain to get back to Jimei where we live after midnight I booked us into a guest house downtown called the Yoga Village Inn for that night. Things did not go according to plan however. We got to the bar after getting lost once and calling Hamburger for directions,at about 7.30. WE decided to come early to get a seat. The couchsurfing people were due to arrive at around 9pm. Hamburger arrived with a girl called Jenny and then later we were joined by another friend Daniel and Jennifer,a Philipino English teacher from Jimei university and her boyfriend whose name I didn’t catch. Later our friend Ivy and a girlfriend from Shenzhen also joined us.The couchsurfing people were sitting at a long table hardly talking so we decided to sit by ourselves with our Qingdao beer,and some munchies and had a pretty good time

dancing at the Havana Bar

dancing at the Havana Bar


.At the countdown the new year we all got up and danced,to various things including Gangnam style (of course) and even YMCA! It was a riot.About an hour later,Jennifer and the other Jimei people left to get a taxi home,and a bit later around 2pm we and Ivy and her friend stood outside to get a taxi home,which took some doing. Eventually we grabbed one (there were dozens of people there trying to catch a cab) and got back to our guest house near Zhongshan park.



But unfortunately,even though it was not too cold outside,the inside of the room was freezing,and the heater seemed to blow out cold not hot air. We tried to sleep all night and didn’t succeed,Mr. Piglet claimed he had no blanket all night,and at 8am we got up rather frazzled and took the BRT back home,regretting the 300 RMB we had spent on the room,when we could have got back to our bed and slept warmly and comfortably. I swear I will listen to Mr Piglet in future (New Year’s Rsolution number 1).Pictures to follow when uploaded.



3 thoughts on “A great New Year’s Eve 2013 and a terrible New Year’s night

  1. Sorry to hear about the freezing guest house.
    But dancing to Gangnam Style?? I mean how low can you go, Mrs Piglet? šŸ™‚
    I made a conscious decision NOT to include it into my New Years party play list and concetrate on the finest Euro dance trash instead!
    Have a great new year and keep warm!

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