Thank god that week is over

Well it seems like a lot has happened since my last post. This is mainly because,last weekend, instead of going away on a 2 day trip to Yongding to visit the Tulou villages we paid a visit to the hospital.Before everyone gets alarmed everything is fine. But on  Thursday evening I contemplated a mole (in an unspecified location) and noticed that not only had it not cleared up,since if originally looked like a sore of some kind,but it had spread,and it was definitely unsymmetrical and longer than 1 cm and two different shades of brown( all the stuff that Dr Internet says is BAD). So at around 3 am I told D that I thought we needed to cancel the trip and go to the Hospital for a biopsy.

SO we unpacked our packs,sent a text message to David,the teacher we had arranged to travel with,and headed off to the Taiwanese owned hospital.There within 10 minutes we were seen by a dermatologist,who said”Yes you need a skin biopsy. You will get the result in a week”. I then went to pay and was led into another room where the lovely young doctor sliced the whole thing out and put in about  11 stitches.This took quite a while and meanwhile D was pacing up and down outside. But the doc spoke really good English,was very gentle and explained all the time what she was doing. SO we then picked up the gauze and ointment we had to put on the wound for a week and headed home with a very weird feeling.


The rest of the week passed by not thinking about Friday.

We did all the usual at the university,taught classes, coached the speech team,had dinner at the restaurant on Wednesday with the other teachers,(great fun) and refused to think about the biopsy results.Finally Friday arrived. We asked the university for someone to come with us this time,because if we needed to ask any questions we wanted to understand what we were being told.Jessie from the International Office,whose English is excellent,agreed to accompany us and met us at the Hospital at 9am. And then we went in and the Doc just said” the result is good” and so we said” so you mean it is okay? ” and he said yes!Phew! huge relief. Now we can go on having fun here.


Me and Ivy at HuangCuo Beach

Meanwhile we have explored some new corners of town. Tonight there is a Halloween Party which I think we are not up for. But tomorrow is a beach party,so we will check that out. We went around Jimei a bit, which we really like a lot. It is kind of suburban and quiet. And we also went back to the beach area with our friend Ivy,who also took us to a local seafood restaurant,which looked really drab from outside but was fantastic. The place where the weekly teachers’ nosh is held every Wednesday evening in JImei is called “Hao Pengyou” which means “Good Friends” and it really rocks. It brews its own beer which is fantastic.

So sorry if this post was a bit odd,but everything is fine now. And I DID need to get it out of my system.


8 thoughts on “Thank god that week is over

  1. so glad everything is all right! that must have been really scary. so now just keep on having good adventures! shabat shalom!

  2. thanks everyone for putting up with all that. And Ora it was actually not scarier here than at home,mainly because everyone is very solicitous here for our wellbeing and also because everyone is very polite. No pushing and shoving and all the aggravation of Kupat Holim.

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