Where did the year go? Are we really leaving Lin’an soon?

So here we are at the end of the second semester here. We officially finish teaching at the end of May. So we are now testing kids and marking projects and between all of this thinking where we will be next and how it will be to leave Lin’an.

Impressions West Lake,show directed by Zhang Yimou,he of Olymic Opening ceremony fame

We loved our time here, as you probably gathered if you have been following my blog.

We have thought about several possible options before we fly home on July 10th and about what to do next year. FIrstly we checked out various other locations to move, mainly on our various trips around the country. We loved Nanjing and Ningbo very much but we feel that the area is too similar to here and we would like to see another part of the country. So we thought about Xiamen but the job offers there were not great. We did not enjoy the city of Fuzhou so much,even though the Fujian University of Agriculture and Forestry was a lot like here, in that the campus was wonderful and it was located near to the city centre. Guangzhou was too big a city , and the job offers there too were not great, even though it’s sometimes hard to tell on paper and we didn’t really see much of the universities when we were there, as everyone was away for Tomb Sweeping Festival.

Kids drawing near the bridge,Lin’an

So now we have a pretty good offer from Sichuan University in Chengdu ,which is a city I have heard very good things about, and they have offered to pay our flight over there and put us up for a few days. SO we will be flying down there to check that out! Hopefully we will like it there,and then assuming everything at home with dad and the boys is hunky dory we will come back to China in September. Meanwhile we are enjoying the lovely weather here in Lin’an, walking around the lake and sitting out reading and drinking tea.Last weekend we were back in Hangzhou for the Impressions West Lake show which we enjoyed a lot,and we took another walk down Hefang Jie which is great. It is hard to leave this place,but we are ready to explore pastures new. We are also planning a trip up to visit Andrea in Qingdao and from there we will take a boat to South Korea. We hope to have a nice restful holiday there, not a heavy sightseeing trip but more of a chillout,before we head back to Israel.So stay posted….

View of Lin’an


4 thoughts on “Where did the year go? Are we really leaving Lin’an soon?

  1. Yes, I agree! Living vicariously. I checked out the net for teaching in China, but can’t seem to find out what the age limitations are, etc. I’ve got the end of the year burnt out blahs and need a guiding hand? Any links you could suggest Ruth?–judih (talkingnow)

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