The North Wind Doth Blow…

So in case you are all wondering where we disappeared to… it’s like the poem says” The North wind doth blow, and we shall have snow, and what will the Robin do then,poor thing? He’ll sleep in the barn,and keep himself warm,and hide his head under his wing,poor thing”.

so we have been in hibernation for the last two weeks or so. We wanted to go to Hangzhou a couple of weekends mainly to get our computer fixed,and also to meet up with Yoan and Mango again, but it’s just too nasty outside to bother,So we stay iin over the weekends,watch movies on the computer and thank god for the internet. We have either nipped across the way to the Camphor tree restaurant to eat,or to Weekend Sunny ,or just made soups at home. IT is not really that cold,around 7 by day,but very wet and overcast and generally not pleasant. And then today there was snow in Jerusalem too! We also spoke to friends in Nanjing and Hangzhou and it’s much the same there too. So meanwhile we have made a few tentative plans for the summer. Assuming we finish up here around first week of June that means we have a month before we fly home,since our ticket is booked for July 10th so we are considering various options. The first,which I think we have pretty much abandoned,was to nip over to Australia and drive around there. However we really would prefer to do a more in-depth trip there and maybe take in New Zealand,plus it will be winter there so ’nuff said. Then we thought about touring somewhere in the China area such as Tibet,but having read up a bit it is very expensive and you can only do it on an organized tour so I am not keen on that. Then we suddenly thought of South Korea,which is currently the winning contestant. We could even take a train up to Qingdao,a city I have long wanted to see,and then take a ferry boat from there to Korea.Then we would fly back to Shanghai from Seoul.But more of this anon,breakfast beckons….


P.S Prize for best student excuse ever goes to Bruce Kim my student who came late to class on Thursday. He told me in the break that he had saved two newborn puppies from the garbage,taken them out, washed and dried them,wrapped them in a blanket and fed them milk. His story was corroborated by the fact that he brought them to class in a cardboard box. Sorry I didn’t have the foresight to photograph them! Well done Bruce!


3 thoughts on “The North Wind Doth Blow…

  1. Have you considered Vietnam and Cambodia? We just returned from a two week trip to these fascinating countries.
    Linda Perlmutter

  2. hi Linda! welcome to my blog. Well we were in Vietnam and Cambodia a couple of years ago,and although we found them to be beautiful countries,we didn’t feel any desire to stay longer. Most of the teaching work in Cambodia is with little kids (and voluntary to boot) and the Vietnamese are nice people but nowhere near as welcoming as the Chinese. The main problem in EFL work in Asia is that much of it is in kindergartens and that is not “my thing”. I am looking for adult work,and maybe high school but not lower than that. I know my limitations!

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