Lin’an-Shanghai-Zurich-Tel Aviv-Jerusalem-Munich-Shanghai-Lin’an

Do you remember that sixties song “There’s a kind of hush…all over the world”? Well it seems to have struck here in Lin’an. We got back from our whirlwind trip last Saturday and started teaching on Monday. It was great to be back. We had lunch out with a bunch of  the teachers on Saturday at what is called the Glass Restaurant (surrounded by glass windows) and at the Pink Restaurant the next day (pink walls) and are now back into the routine. IT was great to see all the students again and it all feels comfortable (except for the biting cold,that is). But I suddenly realized yesterday the campus is quiet! Where are all the little electric bikes that whizzed around? The bicycles are all standing still! I think there must be a new law or something because nobody is biking to school! I will ask a student next week. My new schedule is amazing- I work Monday Tuesday and Wednesday – and that’s it! So when the weather warms up a bit we will be off on our travels again, Meanwhile Danny is also teaching 16 hours and was also offered some teaching at the High school in town. I did some editing work which took me a few hours but paid handsomely, so all is good. This weekend we will be hosting Renee and Barry,the couple from Hawaii who lived in this apartment before us and who are returning to China to teach in  Shanghai. So having only spoken online it will be great to meet them,and we have invited some people over to be with them too.

Then there is the wonderful Ting who is teaching me Chinese as many times a week as I like. She marched in bearing cookies from her hometown and a peculiar something wrapped in clingfilm which she described as “special mutton”. Don’t tell anyone but I was a bit loathe to taste it so I chucked it out. But it’s the thought that counts,right?

Ting in Artistic pose next to our lake


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