Making Jiaozi with Danny’s class

Today was Danny’s last teaching day of the semester (I already finished mine) and his students invited him to a session of jiaozi (Chinese dumpling) making at a party they organized. He of course asked if I could come too,and fortunately they agreed. So we went off to a very weird sort of empty apartment which the students hired for this event. It is traditional to eat dumplings at New Year in China,and the students (about 40 of them) had brought all the ingredients over to this apartment ,together with various other things, a drink called Huangjio and a sound system. Daniel,the class monitor came to fetch us and take us to the apartment,where we were showered with  a large quantity of said dumplings. Then they asked us if we would like to learn how to make them-and I am sure you can guess what we answered. There were various different fillings and very soon we were rolling and filling along with the best of them,It was a lot of fun!


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