Visit to Leifeng Pagoda,Hangzhou

Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day so we decided to go off to Hagnzhou and explore again. Since it is warmer outside our apartment than in it we tend to do this at the weekend. Also we are trying to figure out how to get around Hangzhou by bus instead of taxi as we want to feel less touristy.(joke) Anyhow we got to the bus station and after one attempt at getting the no. 8 bus in the wrong direction(driver did not let anyone get o ) we got the correct no. 8 and reached the Pagoda which is reconstructed as the original one from the 10th century got destroyed.The view from the top was magnificent and we had the usual “Please take our picture with you” from curious locals.We are now used to feeling like Robert Redford and Julia Roberts. We then walked a bit around the stunningly beautiful West Lake and then went to Omar’s Indian Restaurant for  lunch. (Real Indian food but sadly no Nans or Chapatis till evening )As we were going into the restaurant we ran into my student Chris and Miles,the Canadian who used to teach at ZAFU but because of the 5 year maximum rule had to leave and is now teaching at another university in Hangzhou.

We then got the number 8 back to the bus station to go home but unfortunately got stuck in the rush hour and the journey back home was otherwise uneventful.This morning it is Danny’s 65th Birthday and we are feeling more and more as if we are on a second honeymoon. I was going to write about Danny’s experience as a judge of a speaking competition but since this is my blog I will leave that until I join him in the next round.

Leifeng Pagoda

View of Hangzhou from top of Pagoda


4 thoughts on “Visit to Leifeng Pagoda,Hangzhou

  1. Each entry on your blog describes one place more fascinating than the last. I really look forward to hearing about all the places you get to and can only dream. What’s this about Danny? You can’t just throw it out and then leave us to wonder – details, please!

  2. hi dear – “Since it is warmer outside our apartment than in” – sounds like here this rainy weekend. i am so glad you both are enjoying yourselves. it sounds wonderful!

  3. Hi there I saw your blog and wanted to ask for your help as I am looking to teach Englsih me and my husband in China and wanted to ask if you could guid me or give some tips how to find this job or through the same company you work.
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