Things I’ve learnt in Lin’an (2 month summary)

Well we have been here just over two months now and frankly it feels a lot longer.Lots of things were strange for the first couple of weeks and pretty much everything was exciting. Now we feel at home on campus and around town,even though we still get lost.

So these are a few observations:

1.The most dangerous thing on campus is the likelihood of getting mown down by a silent electric bike or one,two or three students riding one bicycle.

2.Students carry umbrellas at all times -either because it’s really hot o rjust about to rain.

3. Regarding the above the phrases “The weather in Lin’an is very changeable” and “The food is very delicious” are not just phrases the students have learnt to recite as I first thought,but the gospel truth.

4.It’s hard not to eat too much when the food 5 minutes from my door and costing around 4 NIS a meal is “very delicious”

5.It takes 12 minutes to walk from my house to the class except when my leg is in severe agony.

6. Chinese students frequently wear glasses frames with no lenses in because they think it is beautiful and makes their eyes look bigger.

7. Students here have mostly not heard of Israel but they have heard of Einstein who they believe to be an Israeli.

8.If you have a holiday it’s not really a holiday as you have to make up the lesson on another day,including weekends and night-times.

9. Students who don’t have a lesson will go to sleep anywhere they happen to be, including on the classroom desks at lunch-time.

10.If you don’t have time to walk to the university cafeterias you can order the food from a guy who will bring it (and also tea and cappuchino) on a moped-but for this you have to be able to speak Chinese.The same goes for ordering the little electric bus that whizzes around the campus and will take you anywhere on campus for 1 RMB (50 agorot)

11. Don’t be alarmed if something goes bang at 7,30 am on a Saturday morning (or at any other time of the day or night) it’s usually someone getting married -or sometimes a new store being opened.

Bride on Campus

Bride on Campus


that’s about it for now-but I will add more thoughts later.


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