The Rhythm of the Campus

I feel like I have not talked very much about everyday life here on the campus.So that you can get some idea of what it is like here I will try to describe it.Of course everyone’s life is different,but this is how I perceive of the “pulse ” or rhythm of life here.On weekdays classes begin at 8am so at around 7.40 you will see a huge stream of students heading down on bicycle,electric (silent) bike and on foot from the dorms area where we live to the teaching buildings. I usually walk down via the lake as I really enjoy this walk and enjoy seeing the lake and the mountains in the misty early morning.I find this most relaxing and pleasant.As I have already said the campus is very green and tranquil,and there are many trees and flowers.I walk past the sports field and often see various workers weeding or cleaning the paths.The students often ride more than one on a bike,sometimes even with one standing up on the back.They carry umbrellas (to shield them from rain or sun) and it’s a lovely sight.Then at 12.00 there is a two hour lunch break when we see the students streaming in the reverse direction,to the cafeterias. There are frequent unexplained explosions on campus,which I have discovered are fireworks,for various occasions-often in broad daylight.

You see the students carrying their food home in takeaway boxes too,although many choose to eat in the cafeteria.Then at 2pm everyone streams back down to the classrooms,and in the evenings and late at night students drift around in twos and threes.The library is a popular place to sit as you can get coffee and snacks there and it has comfy chairs and is a pleasant place to sit and chat,or study quietly.It is open till 11pm and students love to sit there.The English Corner is held there,an event we attended yesterday,where students can come and practice their English on you.

Ah there go the fireworks again!I know the Chinese invented them but it is still a bit much!Coffee on our balcony

View from the Window of the English Office



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