Chinese tummy strikes

Well I guess it was too good to last.We have been here a month and I have been eating all kinds of things all over the place and finally my tummy decided to rebel.This is hardly surprising since all the other teachers bar one have already been sick,and also many students sent me messages that they were ill and not coming to class on Wednesday and Thursday.

So instead of rushing off to Hangzhou this weekend as we had planned I stayed in bed with tea and immodium to keep me company.On Friday we went into Lin’an city to scout around for various desirables for the house such as chair cushions and mattresses,since Chinese furniture is notoriously hard. We did get cushions,and we located some lovely covers to put on our couch and chairs in the sitting room,but want to measure before we buy.

This week I start to teach 2 new classes,of Freshmen,who have now finished their 10 days of military training. Then next week we have a week’s holiday for National Day. We are planning to go travelling but more of this anon,as my herb tea beckons.


6 thoughts on “Chinese tummy strikes

  1. @guysoft ha! Well having done the 24 hour Yom Kippur thing it seems to be better. Students told me to eat only on campus so I will do that,especially since it’s a lot cheaper than outside.

  2. Hi Mrs. Ruth
    It seems to be ages to hear from you:) You said you bought necessary thing for your house.:) New life will be fine for you and your husband:) I really hope so. Food may be strange to you, but when you get familiar with them, your tummy won’t be striken.:)
    Hope you all the best,
    Tuyet (

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