Party with the Freshmen

Saturday morning started with a call from my student Catherina,offering to show us round the library which we happily accepted.The library is a huge impressive building near the lake which apparently is shaped like Yin and Yang if you see it from above. Anyway she showed us the second floor where you can chat and eat snacks and drink coffee,and the other floors where there are zillions of books and magazines,mostly in Chinese of course but also others which have Chinese on the cover,but inside contain “Pride and Prejudice”,” Great Expectations” or “For Whom the bell Tolls”.

We also ran into another student of mine called Monica who came to have lunch with us in one of the campus cafeterias.

On Saturday night we went to the Movie club which consisted of watching Johnny Depp in The latest Pirates movie and then chatting to the students who had not yet run off to bed (there were not very many!)Next day we hung out on campus and didn’t do very much.Sporadically we heard the freshmen who are doing their 10 days of Military training (with NO guns) marching up and down shouting “one two three four in Chinese.In the evening we went to get to know them better at a so-called Candlelight Party organized by the Crazy English club on the sports field across from our house.

They handed out lollipops and blew up balloons and  decorated the place with little candles. There was no food or drink as far as we could see.Anyway we mingled happily and chatted to the freshmen who asked us all the usual questions -“where are you from?” “How many years (!) have you been in China?” etc. We made some new friends that  I am not sure I will recognize in daylight -one of whom was called Tender and of course Danny sang her “Love me Tender”. They all said they would love to come to the Crazy English club and talk to us again. Bruce was pleased with the success of his evening, and invited us to go and have some kind of refreshments with him “It’s my treat!” but we went home to bed.School today and hopefully at trip to the police station to fix our residents’ permits before our 30 days run out.


PS back from the Police station having parted company with our passports for a week until our Residents’ Permits are stuck in…. Police station was surprisingly mundane and was more like waiting at Misrad Hapnim in Jerusalem just a lot cleaner!




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