The Freshmen arrive and we go to the shuk

This morning we got up to discover the campus was swarming with newly arrived freshmen, in many cases accompanied by their mummies,daddies and a grandparent or two,all with loads of luggage in tow and sometimes clutching newly purchased goods for their dorm rooms. We looked at them smiling and nervous and wished them luck (mentally we don’t know enough Chinese yet).

Then we got on a number 7 bus outside the west gate and went down town to do some shopping- we got some tiny little speakers so we can still listen to Shlomi Shaban and Gidi Gov,even though we are in Zhejiang Province,and some new sheets and then had a little mosey around the shuk,which proved to be full of wonderful sights and we intend to return during the week to get more stocked up.


9 thoughts on “The Freshmen arrive and we go to the shuk

  1. both really. Main reason for the trip was to buy the sheets and the speakers,but we also got milk,veg and various other things.
    we have several supermarkets on campus but they don’t always have fresh milk ,

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