More food and a Thunderstorm

Last night we were again invited to a dinner,at the same campus restaurant Xijing,but this time by Autumn,who is in charge of the foreign teachers. The usual crowd were there,plus some lady who is the head of the Foreign school,and whose name I didn’t catch. Anyhow,more dishes zoomed round on the table,more Snow beer was consumed and then we tottered home. It had been pretty cold when we left the house at 5,00(they eat dinner really early here) and then during the night there was a tremendous storm,thunder and lightening and this morning we woke up to find everything sodden and wet. We had intended to go to Hangzhou for this long weekend and see “Impressions West Lake” but we cancelled and will hang around in Lin’an this weekend and do some more “house related” shopping.At 10pm when I was just going to bed my student assistant Livia called me with various questions about stuff she has to do on the computer for me.She said she wants to finish it all before she goes away for the festival.Last night the campus had a “pre-festival”feel ,with many students packing up to go home for the weekend,and freshmen arriving (they only start studying September 26th).


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