Dinner with the Dean

This evening,in honour of Mid Autumn Festival and Teachers’ Day we were invited to dinner with the Dean of International studies Department,together with the other Foreign teachers.(English and Japanese).It was held in a fancy campus restaurant with a big revolving table, and everything decorated in red material.

WE all sat down and introduced ourselves and the Dean welcomed us to ZAFU. Then more and more dishes were brought out,everyone got beer and tea, and the table started revolving. This was the fun part- as the table revolves you grab food with your chopsticks and put it on your plate. There were numerous dishes,most of which I had no clue what they were. But many were really tasty,-fish and potatoes,noodle dishes, a soup with various things in (with a spoon thank goodness!) and various meat and vegetable dishes. Some I could identify such as green beans,lotus root,okra,and others which I could not .At the end of the meal we had a toast and were each presented with a bag of moon cakes to take home for the festival. I don’t know what they are filled with,but I will let you know.! A wonderful time was had by all.


2 thoughts on “Dinner with the Dean

  1. How very interesting! I guess their festivals look to us as picturesque and intriguing as Sukkot and Shavuot might look to foreigners here.

  2. I had quite a liking to eating with chopsticks which I picked up only on my trip to China and it was a pleasurable experience and not as difficult as it seemed. I had a great time eating with the chopsticks in most places where there were no forks or spoons available!!! BTW, a belated but very Happy Teacher’s Day to you!!!

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