Shopping in Lin’an of a Sunday

Today since we have another day off (proper weekend yay!) we fixed with my student assistant Livia to go shopping in downtown Lin’an. Last time we went there we went alone and got a bit lost (again?) so we met with Livia next to the West Gate of campus and got a bus number 7 downtown (cost 3 Yuan,or 1.5 shekel).Once there she showed us various shopping malls and markets so we could buy Danny sandals and a new watch, and we also got a frying pan, a dish drying rack and then went to the supermarket to look for various rare commodities in China such as butter,mayonnaise,fresh milk (as opposed to the regular “carnation” style) and so on. You can buy all of these in the Lin’an supermarket but not always at the supermarket campus.

After this “exhausting “morning we came back home to rest. Tomorrow I have almost a full day of classes except the two hours of freshmen,who have a month of military training, and Danny will have his first Chinese classes.







3 thoughts on “Shopping in Lin’an of a Sunday

  1. OMG!! I have exactly the same umbrella as that lady is holding, bought it in switzerland, i guess MADE IN CHINA!! its so funny, the penny drops! besides that, sounds like you are having a great time, getting lost is part of being found and finding your way, enjoy it!! and … way to go for 2 day weekends!!! won’t be hard to get used to I am sure!

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