Iain’s Birthday and “who wants to be teacher’s assistant?”

Yesterday was the birthday of Iain the Scottish guy who we like to hang out with,as he is pretty funny and reminds me of a mixture of my two boys Adam and Guy.Firstly he is between the two in age,and secondly he has Guy’s geekiness coupled with Adam’s funny repartee and dramatic bent. Anyway yesterday we had a meeting of the English staff,the purpose of which was to “audition” the many students who had volunteered to work as teaching assistants to the foreign teachers.This was followed by a lunch to toast Iain on his birthday then we went to evening class (more about this later…) followed by a trip to the local pub (complete with Chinese Karaoke known as KTV) to toast him again in local booze.Suffice it to say that much fun was had by all.

I do however want to come back to the foreign assistant auditions. Many lovely girls had volunteered for this job,for which we require only 6,one for each English teacher. Their job is to help us put information into the computer,help us with any Chinese that needs reading and generally be dogsbodies for anything that we need help with.Each girl stood up in turn and tried to “sell herself” by explaining why she thinks she is suited to this job.e.g “I am very honest and trustworthy” ,”I come from Hangzhou so I can show you all the great places to hang out”, “I don’t have a boyfriend so I will be available to you whenever you need me”.Two girls said they wanted to split the job between them so that one would always be free to help us! Anyway they were all lovely and charming and their goal is to make us happy teachers so it was a great laugh.I chose a girl called Livia whom I had met in morning class,who seemed diligent and who smiled at me constantly and seems to have a good level of English.

After the lunch for Iain we went to class. I got to my classroom to find it dark and the door locked. Five minutes later one student showed and said she had no idea where everyone was. She scuttled off (not like in Israel) and returned with a large lady bearing a bunch of keys. We chatted for a few minutes while I phoned Autumn the lady in charge of foreign students who said she didn’t know where the students were but she would get back to me. A minute later,Autumn phoned back and told me to put the one student into another teacher’s class and told me I could go!

Two hours later all the teachers met up again to go to the pub,just outside the campus gates. IT was kind of tacky with REALLY loud chinese singing but we downed 2 bottles of Snow each and had a lovely evening ,staggering home at 11,30 pm since the other teachers have class this morning. Danny and I are off to the big city of Hangzhou today. More later…..



2 thoughts on “Iain’s Birthday and “who wants to be teacher’s assistant?”

  1. Well for us it’s much easier as the Chinese names are impossible to remember and there is so much to learn here already we are in constant brain overload but more of that in my next post ! coming up as soon as I shower.

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