Here we are in Lin’an

Well I am not really sure how to summarize the last few daysNow I can sit quietly with the rain pounding on the windows outside and try and collect my thoughts which are nevertheless swirling around like crazy with all that has happened.

It has been a rollercoaster of a ride in many ways.Now we are comfortably ensconced in our little 3 room apartment in Lin’an,which is an hour ride from Hangzhou,which is an hour ride from Shanghai.On Saturday we left Shanghai.The driver that the school had sent to pick us up at our hotel arrived about 2 hours late because he had waited at the wrong hotel,across the road. Hardly surprising,since the hotel had nearly the same name and was at number 70,where our hotel was number 7.

Anyway he was nice and took us on the 3 hour ride to the University campus,where we were met by three delightful smiling people called Bruce,Wendy and Diana. They were going to be our guardian angels for the next few days getting us settled in our apartment,fixing our mobile phones,getting our internet connection sorted and taking us out for meals.

They showed us where the campus supermarkets are located,where the ATM is ,where the good cafeterias are and so on.Some things went smoothly others took more time,but always these helpers were charming and smiling.

Bruce became our “personal aid” rushing over to our flat at all hours to help us.

It can be a bit overwhelming not being able to read anything ,but the campus is beautiful,the people lovely and we are optimistic.

Wednesday will be the first day of classes.I am teaching 18 hours a week,nearly all British and European Literature,so I have no idea at all what to expect.Everyone assures me it will be fine. There are several other English teachers here,all younger than us.They are also friendly and helpful and it is looking great.WE even managed to go to a restaurant across from the campus today and order food alone (with no pictures on the menu) .Next week we will also begin Chinese lessons and I hope that will help a lot.

WE didn’t manage to get any cash out of the ATM today but hopefully tomorrow we will be more successful.



12 thoughts on “Here we are in Lin’an

  1. Sounds like you off to a good start!
    Best of luck with your first class on Wednesday – already looking forward to hearing about! Lucky me that you write so well and let me share the experience a bit!

  2. good luck with your classes . how many hrs difference is it from here? teaching lit sounds cool (pun meant…). can you choose the pieces? or is there a set list? ENJOY!!! and keep us updated!

  3. Enjoying living through this with you…..please keep chronicling all your experiences. Any photos? How long are you planning to be there? Can’t wait to hear how the teaching goes….
    Much love,

    • We are going to stay for one academic year but we have a semester break of 5 weeks when we will travel and also come back to Jerusalem to check on family etc.
      Have not had time to take many pix and no time at all to upload yet.I need to get a cable as my laptop doesn’t have a card reader. IT will take time so be patient but the campus is really beautiful.Danny will take more pictures when I am in class.
      Thanks for all the great feedback people! It’s nice to know I have readers!

  4. Hope all goes well with your classes on Wednesday – I have no doubts on this score since you seem to have weathered everything else amazingly well. Everyone at school sends their best and all are filled with admiration that you defined your dreams all those years ago after your first trip to the East and now you are actually fulfilling them. Kol hakavod.
    Much love,

    • I don’t quite understand why people are filled with admiration.We are just doing what we want to do .It is really not a big deal.Lots of people over here doing it. We have met a young couple from New Hampshire,a young single guy from Aberdeen,an older guy from Dublin (via Reading university) another older girl from Nottingham etc etc.

      People all over china just decided they fancied a change and came .There are schools and jobs for as many English speakers as fancy coming in as many environments,town,country,big,small,seaside,whatever you like.

  5. Ruth – Mark says hi. Dealing with the ATM in Chinese (at least that is what I imagine) would unnerve me. Enjoy!

    • The ATM was bilingual Jack the problem was that the one on campus did not accept our card,only China something Bank so we took a bus downtown to another ATM and we got the number 7 in the wrong direction which went uptown.Found an ATM in 5 minutes but then wanted to go to the department store we had been shown the day before and didn’t realize we were in another ;part of town.Eventually we just found the bus to go back home! all very exciting.

  6. Another loyal reader checking in, and another former teacher filled with admiration. So often we don’t really know what we want to do, or find reasons why we can’t do it. But be warned–I want to visit you in China and just might do it. Keep the updates coming. Everything sounds wonderful and I’m sure the lit classes will be fine. Enjoy.

    • You are more than welcome Helen.Our spare room has bunk beds in it but since Moshe is not coming that will be fine for you. Lit class today was great I just hope it goes on that way.
      thanks for reading!

  7. I can only see how happy you are going to be here doing what you love doing (teaching and travelling) so always follow your dreams!!! And I’m sure they will always come true too!!!

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