Here we are!

So here we are in Shanghai after a really long flight via Frankfurt.First leg was pretty weird as it was full to the gills with orthodox French kiddies.We were about the only ones on the flight who didn’t order a Kosher meal with the result that we got ours last! Meal was ok. Got to Shanghai at about 5pm yesterday. Then the weirdness started. We had decided to get a cab against our usual policy of managing the cheapest way,for two reasons. Firstly we had a TON of luggage and secondly it was raining “cats and dogs” -more of this phrase later.As we came out to the arrivals hall we were approached by a very nice lady who told us she had a cab for us.She took us over to a desk and ordered us a cab for 550 RMB a lot but she explained it was about an hour ride. We had to wait about 15 ins she said (actually it was about 30 mins) and she explained that since it was “raining dogs and cats” so therefore the cabs outside were all full.Much running around and use of mobile phones ensued.Finally we were escorted to a cab NOT a taxi more like a private chauffer driven saloon) and accompanied by a slickly dressed guy who got in with us. We had no idea what was happening but we thought he was most attentive and nice. It seemed that he was some kind of secret service guy who questioned us (nicely) about ourselves our trip etc etc.He then got out at a very fancy hotel downtown and the driver continued on to our hotel in silence since we esablished that he knew no English.Hotel This morning we had a weird breakfast at “Uncle Fast Food” of soup,noodles and rice and chicken wings. All very cheap but with horrid coffee. Walked all around the beautiful area of the French Concession.Ah forgot to mention last night .At the lovely Japanese restaurant across from the hotel we were approached by a couple of young English guys who heard us talking Hebrew. One was from Hendon and of course went to JFS. The other one said his parents have a flat in Natanya and they come often.They took our email.

Today we had a lovely walk to Jin’an park and heard old ladies and gents singing revolutionary songs to the accompaniment of the accordion.Tomorrow they are picking us up from the hotel at 11am and taking us to our school.

It’s all rather weird but Here we Are in our new life.

More anon….


5 thoughts on “Here we are!

  1. Chicken wings for breakfast, eh? Glad to see you’re blending in with the natives! This was great fun to read – keep it up! Missing you already..

  2. I love tea but we have brought a supply of Earl Grey with,as some of the teas here are a bit odd (not to mention the horrid coffee) Pictures to follow just not sure how to do that right now.thanks for reading!

  3. AHA!!! Did you get ripped off on your first night with cats and dogs pouring down on you?!!! Enjoy the Peking Duck too!!! Yes, the coffee there is like brown water and the regular teabags are not worth it but the regular tea leaves are really good if you brew your tea in a pot and that’s what I would recommend. Try some of their healthy green tea (sorry, no milk with it), it’s really good. I bought loads of it on my last trip there!!! And finally enjoy your stay there, I know you are going to love it out there!!!

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