Weird Visa Woes

Okay quick summary of the story so far. Having finished all the retirement related bureaucracy we started on the China related stuff.Waited for the letter of invitation from the School. Waited.. and waited.The school told us they had sent it via EMS but the tracking stopped at Hangzhou and it said that it had departed but it never got here. Finally I phoned Vickie the school foreign office lady and she said it was on the way via TNT! After we checked the tracking number on their website we discovered it was in Tel Aviv. We phoned the office of TNT who told us it was on the way to Jerusalem.After waiting the whole day at home and no letter we phoned again to be told that it was still in the warehouse in Lod! Jumped in the car and flew off to Lod and got the letter 2 minutes before they closed!.


Now on to this morning.Got up early to whizz off to the Chinese consulate to get the visa (or so we thought).Arrived at the Consulate in Tel Aviv at 9.30 and there were about 20 people waiting, so we took a number. The nice lady looked over our papers and told us that the Medical check forms were not okay since the doc had not stamped the photo with her stamp,only the second page where her signature is.We asked if there was any solution,and she said we could go to any Kupat Holim and get a stamp.We tried the nearest Kupat Holim where the lady said “No way” it has to be the Doc who completed your form.So back to Jerusalem sans visa. Tomorrow,having gone to the wonderful Dr. Haytner and got said stamp,we will do the whole thing all over again.Hopefully we will finish the business in the next couple of days or so.NO panic we still have 9 whole days till we fly-Yikes!



5 thoughts on “Weird Visa Woes

  1. Naomi Epstein told me about your blog.
    My husband and I taught English at the Chengde Teachers’ College in Chengde, China in 2004. It was the experience of a lifetime.
    Good luck to you on your exciting journey.

    Linda Perlmutter (Yehud)

    • Hi Linda,thanks for reading my blog and making me feel like I am not TOTALLY insane. Actually I keep meeting people who told me it was a great experience teaching in China so I am feeling better and better about our decision.But I will keep you posted!

  2. Why is it insane to teach English to the Chinese? I know another VTer who wanted to teach in China and she was Spanish with a limited knowledge of English!!! Your visa woes sound like the ones we had in Egypt to get the Israeli visa!!!

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