Yay We are going!

To say that I am over the moon would be a bit of an understatement. To say that we are thrilled doesn’t cut it. Today we went to do some paperwork,running around-Foreign office, Pension office etc and then when I got home there was a missed call on my mobile-the Irgun office. Well,I thought it’s probably nothing important.But I called her back,and nearly fainted when Anat (the secretary there) told me that my early pension has come through and I can go!I was so bowled over I just didn’t know what to say.This means we are really going! To China! Now! In fact pretty soon. The people that I know in Hangzhou told me that term starts there on August 29th .That means we really should get there a few days before to settle in and get organized in the apartment,fix the internet and so on.So we need to run around fixing the visa, the flight, pack ,buy stuff. I started to jump up and down with joy-but literally!

Ok now I will try and be calm and collected about this.But I can’t really believe that all our plans and dreams are now going to be realized.

But apparently they are.. more anon when I can breathe.

this is where we are going


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