Long time no blog (again)

Well everyone hello and welcome to the frozen blog.Thing is the blog is really reflecting my life right now which is completely in limbo.Whilst on the surface of things the school year has dashed by and it is suddenly June 13th,ergo one week before the end of this academic year,for me, time has stood still. The reason for this is that I have handed in my forms for early retirement. And now I am in Limbo till I get a reply. I can’t plan anything at all till I know if I am staying or going. This is,as you can imagine dear reader, a proverbial pain in the fundament.I am reliably informed that I “should” know by the end of June (or is it July?) But as this is the Middle East, where manana is peanuts, it could just as well be by the end of August or even September. Sorry if I sound a tad peaky,it’s just VERY VERY frustrating.

In other news, I am extremely happy with my lovely little new friend Kindle, who arrived only  4 days after I had ordered him from the very wonderful Amazon. To date I have around 500 items on him waiting my perusal, and I think that we have now got used to each other.new little friend

In other news, we have decided not to go to Mr Zimmerman’s concert in Ramat Gan due to previous disappointment, but we will go to Mr Paul Simon with the hope that he will pretend to be at least 20 years in the past and not perform only stuff from the latest album which did not impress me immensely.

Enough bitching for today, I don’t like my own tone in this blog,so hopefully I will leave Limbo soon and ascend to the Promised Land of retirement.


3 thoughts on “Long time no blog (again)

  1. Glad to see you using your blog as a good place to let off steam!
    i have no encouraging words regarding the retired -notice-limbo. I know two teachers who were notificated that their retirement was approved on Sept. 3rd!!!!!!
    Meanwhile, ENJOY your kindle, blog about books you recommend ( I’ll be following!) and do tell how the concert went as I’m not going!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t drive you crazy!

  2. thanks Naomi. So far on the kindle I have only read “The Gun Seller” by Hugh Laurie which was hysterical (blame the bagrut marking) and have just started The Postman by David Brin.

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