Mr Teachbad

Just read this blog on teachers called  Mr.Teachbad and I did not know whether to laugh or cry. The fact is there are the same problems in education the world over, and nobody cares. This is my main reason for feeling that I have had it with this job and can’t do it much longer. The policy makers have no clue how to enter the classroom, and frankly don’t seem to care a whole lot .This results in a situation where those of us “on the chalkface” are struggling to hold our own and to keep the kids “entertained’ ,whilst most of the powers that be are only interested in having quiet in the corridors. It doesn’t much matter to them if the kids learn or not as long as they are not wandering around outside.I find that pretty sad.

On a different note, I just read today on Raoul’s China Saloon, a place I find myself hanging out more and more, that there are expats teaching in China who seem to enjoy whining about the country, the people,the job etc etc. Well that certainly rings a bell, and to be honest I don’t have time for such people,even though I am well acquainted with a few of those over here. It seems to me that if a person doesn’t like their situation they should DO something about it and quit whining on to everyone else. Life is too short for that. I think that if I were as miserable as some of these people claim to be I would get out.

Or maybe they just enjoy whining…..


2 thoughts on “Mr Teachbad

  1. Spot on. This comment “whilst most of the powers that be are only interested in having quiet in the corridors” is exactly what one of my videos is about on my site. It’s really not a shameless plug–just a noticing that my fellow teachers and I often feel the same way you do. Thanks for your post (and Mr. Teachbad is awesome).

  2. I agree that Mr. Teachbad IS awesome! But one of the nice things about the blogosphere is the ability to connect with people who, like you say, are trying to do something about the situation they are faced with. I enjoy following your blog or a blog like the blog: box of chocolates
    because being in touch with people who devote thought and energy to what they do is inspiring!

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