long time no blog

Well I just got here by chance today since I had to log in to comment on somebody else’s blog (the very wonderful Jinji on wheels) Dream with eyes Open and I noticed that I have not written for an age.

I don’t know if that is because my life is so full or just out of laziness. (I fear the latter) .Have lapsed into a kind of limbo which is called “Waiting for early retirement”. Since D has finally got the official okay to quit his job on January 2011 it means we are more or less crossing off the days towards that marker. Then what? Well the plan is he will prepare our sojourn in China, and our move from this crappy city.All of this dependent on a number of things.Actually we have pretty much decided on Kunming for a number of reasons. Also I am pretty sure that the job offers from Kunming Nationalities University and the other Yunnan University will stand for next summer. There is also the Tourism College but I have been advised against that. I have been combing gokunming.com and Raoul’s Saloon for useful information and I am happy with our decision. I am sure that a uni job is what we want because a. I am not really into little kids and b. I am  not prepared to work more than about 16 hours a week, as we want to travel around and relax, and not work.

I have also contacted some lovely people who are already living in KM and it seems to be THE place for us.

Anyway whatever happens happens,right?

Potential clouds on this horizon: Dad’s health ,and we are of course a bit worried about that aspect of our plan

The kids: don’t think we have much to worry about there- I actually think they will be better off without us sitting on their heads.But time will tell I suppose….


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