New Baby # 2

Well I don’t know if good things come in threes or not- but at least for us this month has been a veritable treat.After our lovely holiday in the Canaries and my sweet little Piglet (see below) and buying our tickets to Santana’s concert in Juen,  I got another cutie new prezzy – a Hyundai i20 RED! Now I am really spoilt. Just hope it’s not true what the car salesman said that police stop people in red cars more. We shall see. Meantime I feel that everything is a little incongruous what with all the terrible world news from Haiti and all .It makes me feel a bit Oscar Wilde-ish decadent.

Then I feel what the hell- there are plenty of people more well off than me,right? There will always be people better and worse off than you are in this oh so consumer world Here is a pic of new baby #2

new Baby #2

Adorable isn’t it? Thinking of calling it Rudolf except that sounds a bit too Germanic. All suggestions will be seriously considered…

The school year which was plodding ponderously along seems suddenly to have speeded up ,with the Winter Bagrut upon us and the end of the first semester and the Purim holidays not far away.So can I start dreaming/planning for the summer holidays, and Japan? Of course I can !

Observed a lesson for my student Michal this week,for the first time.

I was actually very impressed with her classroom control and her rapport with the kids, despite her having to deal with multiple disruptions and even a pillar punkt in the middle of her classroom. She did pretty well and my impression was the most of the kids were actually with her and willing to participate.

Hope she sticks it out – she will be a good teacher. I again reflect on the necessity for novice teachers to have some kind of support and mentoring,without which our job is impossible, frustrating and soul-destroying to say the very least. And again I think how nice it will be to retire early… dream ,dream,dream… etc


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