Well this has to be a first even for me.Next week we are off to the Canary Isles, for a week,my treat to us for our Silver Wedding Anniversary.And I already have the summer trip partly planned out.The new destination is Japan ,after Ladakh got discarded for various reasons.Firstly the whole thing about how to get there and deal with the altitude worried me a bit from the health point of view.Secondly I keep hearing about people going missing in that region.And also the political thing about Israelis and a general warning against travelling in Muslim areas started getting to me. So then I thought well we have actually already been to India, so let’s go somewhere else. Of course everyone tells you that Japan is a really expensive destination, but actually the price is the same as the rest of Asia, and then when I looked into it I discovered it wasn’t as expensive as I had thought. So that was it!

Anyway, meanwhile we are flying next Friday to Gran Canaria via Madrid, and that is going to be a lot of fun.I have done all my research into the island, booked a self catering apartment in Cordial Mogan and rented a car for the week, so off we go.All I have to do now is get through the last week of school.

Of course, the worst part of the school year is yet to come- Hanuka till Pessach. But the thought that with every day my retirement is approaching is about the only thing keeping me going.We are still toying with the year in China thing, and quite honestly I really think it could be great, assuming that Dad is okay.

Here’s hoping…


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