Some political head scratching

Well we are supposed to be on holiday for Hanuka but it is a little weird when the army suddenly attacks in Gaza and catches you on the hop.  Everyone had been arguing “Barak is demonstrating remarkable restraint” or alternatively claiming that he should  “lay into the Palestinians and show them that we are not wimps and will no longer take the endless Kassam missiles lying down”. I fluctuated giddily from one pole to the other.Because we all know that both sides are right….And then “boom’!

Was it a brilliant political spin to boost the Labour Party’s flagging image in the upcoming elections?Whatever.I find it hard to get upset anymore or even to have an opinion. Must have been here too long.I have been left wing and been disapppointed. I have been more centrist when the Lebanon war (which one,though?) was raging, and now I really don’t know what I think any more,except to quote Catweazle the wizard “Nothing works.”

Sometimes I envy the extremists who think everything is so clear cut and obvious.But I know in my heart that, to quote Edward Heath “There are no quick and easy answers”.


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