Long time no see

Well it’s been six months since I last posted, and that was inevitable once we got into the swing of the academic year with its whirl of quizzes ,tests, grades to give in etc etc. Of course that’s not to say I haven’t been surfing the  Net, Facebooking ,Skyping, and otherwise wasting my time on Cyberspace.However, I sort of lost sight of all those high minded ideals that I had last year on Sabbatical like:

using the Net in the classroom, innovating all kinds of web projects, international collaborative things etc.I knew it would happen ,but now it has ,I am nevertheless a little downcast. All my lofty intentions gone to waste in the miasma of everyday nothingness.

Just read a really interesting discussion on linkedin group,Edubloggers,where the question was posed “who do we blog for?” and even “What is an Edublogger?” so I ask also “Am I an Edublogger because I talk about education? and who am I actually writing for ?

No idea, and don’t care right now…

Anyway I am sure that if logistically it were simpler to take the kids into the computer room I would do it,but they just make innovation so hard that nobody has the strength to do it,especially after teaching 7 hours straight of rowdy 11th graders.It’s as much as I can do to get home in one piece!

signing off to waste more time on Facebook …


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