Back at the chalkface

Well here I am back in the school year again… and the sabbatical year is rapidly whizzing off back into the dim and distant past.

I knew that after 2 days back at school it would seem like a whole lifetime away.All those wonderful ,lazy mornings getting up at 9am, having endless coffees out with my friends, idling away evenings at the movies .And now here I am back shouting my lungs out to a bunch of gormless adolescents who are totally oblivious of my presence, and certainly with no interest at all in paying me any attention whatsoever.

Well I have decided to keep my cool ,think of the paycheck and a prospective early retirement and,as my dad used to say “do my little best”.

Anyway, at least the Twelfth grade girls seem really sweet and very happy to do Romeo and Juliet,as long as they can watch the Di Caprio movie,and they really responded very well to the Sonnet we did yesterday, so thank goodness for that! And even the weak 10th are quite manageable,especially since there are only 20 or so of them.So I will make it through till the New year and then hopefully the two nasty classes will stop coming and it will be downhill from there on..


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